what is a workshop

What is workshop in 2024

Workshops are more than just sessions; they are opportunities for hands-on exploration, collaborative problem-solving, and skill development. The importance of workshops lies in their ability to create a conducive environment for active participation, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects and promoting practical application of knowledge. Whether it is enhancing professional skills, fostering creativity, or addressing […]

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social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship in 2023-24

What is social entrepreneurship ? Social entrepreneurship involves using creative and lasting approaches to tackle social or environmental challenges. Entrepreneurs in this field apply business principles to make a positive impact on society and address urgent issues. Unlike traditional entrepreneurship focused solely on profit, social entrepreneurs aim to generate both social impact and financial sustainability.

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marketing in Nigeria

Marketing in Nigeria 2023-24

Marketing in Nigeria Marketing in Nigeria plays a pivotal role in shaping the country’s business landscape and fostering economic growth. From its roots in pre-colonial trade to the digital age, marketing has evolved as a dynamic force, driving market recognition, customer acquisition, and innovation. Examples from diverse sectors, including telecommunications, banking, e-commerce, and real estate,

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marketing myopia

What is Marketing myopia 2023-24

What is marketing myopia ? Marketing myopia is a concept that has far-reaching implications for businesses across various industries. Coined by Theodore Levitt in his seminal 1960 Harvard Business Review article, this term highlights a common and often perilous pitfall that companies encounter when they become excessively inward-focused. It occurs when organizations prioritize their existing

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significance of consumer behaviour

Significance of consumer behaviour in 2023

In today’s business environment, understanding customer behaviour is crucial. Consumer behaviour is the study of decisions individuals make and how they use goods and services to be satisfied. Understanding consumer behaviour enables businesses to modify their offerings to satisfy shifting consumer demands. It is crucial for determining effective items, advertising, prices, and brand reputation in

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Difference between consumer and customer

Differences between consumer and customer in 2023

For management students who want to succeed in the corporate world, understanding the subtle differences between consumers and customers is essential. These two phrases, although are frequently used synonymously in ordinary speech, denote different functions in the field of business. Even though both are crucial to the operation of any organization, developing effective marketing strategies,

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