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Training & Workshop

Training & Workshops

I like training Human Resources for achieving their optimum efficiency in productive and nation building process. I will love hearing and meeting you personally to discuss about the nature of  training and workshop for your organization. 

The nature of training and workshops conducted by me primarily depends upon the organizations requirements. It varies sector to sector; i.e. from Private Sector to Government Sector. 

On one hand, organizations in private sector focuses on enhancing the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the their executives for achieving the targeted goals through optimum utilization of available resources. Thus, training and workshops are arranged accordingly by us. Whereas, in Government Sector the nature of training and workshops differs significantly.    

I believe that in developing countries; Organisations, Academia and Government must function in a mutually coordinative way. Thus, human resources must be trained to meet the future challenges in an effective way. 

I conduct training and workshop for the followings segments;

1) For Organizations

2) For Academia: Students, Research Scholars and Faculty members of Social Sciences (Management, Commerce, Economics, Public Policy, Public Administration) 

3) For Government: Information, Education and Communication (IEC) of Public policies, etc. 

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