Public Policy Research

Public Policy Research

Public Policy Research

For greater Public Awareness

What is Public Policy ?

Public Policy encompasses Government Laws, Rules, Regulations, Policies, Court’s Verdict and Local Ordinances framed and issued time-to-time.

Why Public Policy Research ?

Public policy affects individuals, communities and organisations through addressing various socio-economic, Political, Legal, Technological, Environmental and other issues into considerations. Thus, it affects all aspects of our daily lives either at micro or at macro levels.

Available Policy Resources for everyone

Government’s perspective to address the socio-economic, technological and other important aspects. 

Primarly aims to help and support the Policy making bodies to consider the key inputs that may be useful drafting public policies.

Are based on ground realities, field visits, social audits, primary research and other means of checking ground realities.

Analysis for providing wider and comprehensive overview on significant issues. Learning from best practices. 

Presentation on 'The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act-2016

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