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Advisory & Consulting

Advisory & Consulting

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive world, all our decisions plays significant role in overall development of  Organizations and or Individuals. Thus, taking decision after critical evaluation of available alternatives and opportunity costs, becomes important to gain competitive advantage among peers, groups and organizations.     

I love advising Organizations and Individuals in taking their important decisions; ultimately helping them in saving time and cost of information search so that they can focus on their activities mostly.

Academic Advisory & Consulting

I like helping Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, M.Phil, Ph.D scholars and academic fraternity in their professional and personal development.      

I like advising them on Report writing, Research Paper writing, Proposal writing, Dissertation, Ph.D. thesis writing, and Personality assessment for Public services such as UPSC and PSC etc.  

Political Advisory & Consulting

The process of development takes place through envisioning future courses of action in present. So, I like contributing in this process of socio-economic development of the nation through advising on key policy drafting and implementation issues. 

I feel, focusing on people’s agenda through need-of the-hour and future aspirations; are crucial aspects for the development process.

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